Chocolate profiterole with chanitlly cream


Stuffed Choux Buns delivered to your door. It's as good as it sounds (possibly better)!
Our lovely Choux Buns are baked to order, so you get the freshest product possible. The Choux Pastry is deliciously buttery, puffy and delicate, and the buns are filled with our luxurious Madagascan Creme Patissiere Legere. Chantilly makes the cream filling extra fluffy and airy, making it melt in your mouth.  
We create seasonal and special profiteroles regularly, and here you can find our range of all time favourites. From Hazelnut, to Pistachio to Classic Chocolate, our delicious Profiteroles can only be found here at Punk Cake!
PS. If you ever fancy, oh let's say a tower of Profiteroles, check out our Croquembouche.
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Pistachio and Raspberry profiteroles
Chocolate profiteroles
Caramel and Chocolate Profiteroles
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