Profiteroles, Profiteroles, Profiteroles

Delicate, puffy and buttery, stuffed choux bun pastry. Yum! 

What is a Profiterole?

Profiteroles, also known as Cream Puff (how great is that?) or chou à la crème, are French choux pastry balls with delicious fillings.

As well as being the main element of the mighty Croquembouche, they are absolutely brilliant as individual dessert treats. 

Profiteroles have been enjoyed for centuries. The recipe started in Italy, but was later adopted by the French and modified. But it wasn't until the great chef Antonin Carême filled them with cream and dipped them in warm caramel in the early 1800s that we got the profiteroles we know today. 

The Punk Cake Profiterole

As you know, we like to experiment and whip up exciting new flavours, so we've got a few different profiteroles you can get your hands on. We've got you covered for the classics as well though, don't you worry. 

We bake all our choux buns to order and fill them with our luxurious madagaskan creme patissiere legere. To get it super fluffy and airy we've mixed in chantilly. When you bite into that profiterole, it will melt in your mouth. 

From Hazelnut, to Pistachio to Classic Chocolate, our delicious profiteroles can only be found at Punk Cake!

We create seasonal and special profiteroles regularly, here you can find our solid all time favourite range.



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