The Majestic Red Velvet Cake

Delicious cocoa undertones and tangy cream cheese and a beautifully red sponge. We're of course talking about Red Velvet Cake! We love a good red velvet bake here. Which is why we couldn't resist making them in every way possible, from the classic Red Velvet, to Red Velvet Cupcakes, and even Red Velvet Cookies.

Red Velvet Cookies? You bet!

What's a Velvet Cake You Ask?

The Red Velvet goes perfectly with some roses, chocolate and champagne for an indulgent Valentine's day (Yes, that's definitely a hint from everyone at Punk Cake to their other halves). It also has a distinct Christmas like colour scheme, and is a favourite for Halloween bakes. But, did you know that the velvet desserts have a long history, dating back to 19th century America?

Yes, we said 'red velvet', because it was a thing. A pretty big thing too. Bakers figured out how to make a smoother texture for sponge by softening the protein in the flour, and these sponges were named velvet cakes. So, that's why it's so deliciously, velvety smooth.

We're gaga for this Strawberry Milkshake Red Velvet Cake!

The Many Names of the Red Velvet Cake

Now, there's a lot of debate around who actually invented the 'Red Velvet '. We mostly like making and eating them, so we won't go too deep into that. But, we do love that it's had quite a few different names! Flame cake anyone, or a regal red sponge? With a name like Red Mystery Cake, it almost sounds like a hero spy from a Marvel comic. 

The classic Red Velvet Cake. Ain't she beautiful?

What Makes a Red Velvet?

Now, the recipe has been through some iterations over the years. But nowadays there's only one way to make it properly, making sure you get that moist yummy cake you crave. Our Red Velvet contain all the important ingredients; vanilla, buttermilk, cocoa powder, cider-vinegar and of course butter.

And then there's the cream cheese frosting (conjuring an image of a drooling Homer Simpson)! We don't just any cream cheese frosting... We combine two different types of cream cheese, one very soft and creamy and another one that's tangy and strong. That way we create the perfect balance of creamy and tangy to pair with our red velvet creation.

A dreamy little Red Velvet Cupcake (with lots of frosting!)

Making your own Red Velvet is always fun (though getting it that lovely red colour can be tricky), but if you're more about the eating than the making, we have a whole collection of Red Velvet goodness for you.

Check out our Red Velvet Bakes

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